How much does Insurance Cost for a Mobile Grooming Vans?

The cost of insurance for mobile pet grooming vehicles can be as low as $45. It’s important to speak to a skilled insurance agent that has experience in the mobile grooming industry to get a quick a reliable quote.

Mobile grooming is an investment that requires insurance against various risks involved in the day to day activities of the business. If you are a mobile groomer, then you must acknowledge the fact that for your business to exist, it has to be flexible and more so advantageous to both you and your customers. This means that you need a means of transport. It could be a van, trailer, etc. .

Most people in the pet grooming industry would prefer a mobile grooming vans or mobile dog grooming trucks as it is convenient for the business in many ways including an ideal work space.

The fact that your business is mobile and involves moving from one place to another for work makes your insurance situation more complex and beyond most quality insurers. You are, therefore, required to purchase an insurance policy that protects the kind of risks involved in your profession.

When considering which insurance policy will work best for your business, you need to also keep in mind the cost of the various packages.  Although not all insurance companies would cover your grooming van due to a host of reasons, you may want to ensure that you get an insurance policy quote that is both affordable and works best for you.

As you know, alternate insurers have got different prices for different insurance policies depending on your type of coverage and package that you want. A mobile grooming van has equipment on the inside that also needs protection.

These are some of the details that contribute to the final cost of your insurance coverage. You can read on to comprehend more about the various packages and things you should keep in mind before settling for one.

What to look for in an Insurance Package

  • You need to look for a policy that provides comprehensive business coverage and specifically protects your mobile grooming van.
  • It should encompass ensuring your van and loss of specific mobile unit usually covered on premises.
  • The policy you should purchase needs to cover pets in case they disappear, die or get injured.
  • A good insurance package should include all the modified parts of your van and not just the pre-conversion portion.
  • You should also get a business automobile liability policy to protect you against accusations that come up due to injuries and property damage.

Types of Mobile Pet Grooming Insurance

There are several types of mobile pet grooming insurance policies a mobile pet business owner needs to consider before getting clients. As a pet groomer, you need to be aware of these policies, what they cover and how they are beneficial to you. The following types of insurance will offer you a clear idea of the risks available for covering in this profession.

  1. Mobile Pet Grooming Commercial Auto Insurance

As a mobile pet groomer, your van is possibly your main source of earnings for your business. It is part of the investment because it works for the business. Therefore, to run your errands without worrying too much, you need to protect your van with the commercial auto insurance coverage.

This kind of insurance provides protection against theft, vandalism, and accidents. Let’s say, you are involved in an accident on your way to a customer’s premises and some of your grooming gadgets malfunction. This type of insurance is meant to cover such damages. Commercial auto insurance also covers persons injured in an accident or theft of the van and equipment.

  1. Mobile Pet Grooming General Liability

When choosing an insurance policy for your mobile pet grooming investment, general liability insurance is one that you should consider. This insurance policy covers almost all types of risks involved in this profession. From covering bodily injury, property damage to covering legal charges from accusations of neglect.

This insurance applies in an instance where you may groom a client’s pet then after leaving the van it falls ill and the customer want to sue you. Such risks are protected by the general liability policy whether they become valid or not.

  1. Mobile Pet Grooming Animal Bailee’s Customer Coverage

Animal Bailee coverage is important to get. Pet grooming is a profession faced with various challenges and risks. If you are a mobile pet grooming business then you should get this insurance coverage.  It is a very significant part of keeping a successful investment.

Bailee’s customer coverage is meant to cover you against situations such as death or injury of a client’s pet while you have it under your care. As you know, these are the same risks that you can take in business due to the high costs of damages and injuries that may occur.

  1. Mobile Pet Grooming Professional Liability Insurance

If you are someone offering pet grooming services, then you should consider purchasing a type of mobile pet groomer insurance called, professional liability insurance coverage. This type of insurance will offer you protection against legal accusations regarding your service provision.

For instance, an animal gets injured from either a trimmer that has malfunctioned or gets nicked from scissors in the process of grooming, the customer may sue you for the injury. Such events may result in very high medical and legal costs. It is for these reasons that you are required to get professional liability insurance.


There are many insurance policies that cover pet mobile grooming business. If you are a mobile pet groomer looking for the most ideal insurance for your van, then the commercial auto insurance policy would be your most ideal option. It is the best insurance cover for mobile pet groomers as it protects your van from almost all possible damages including theft and accidents. The cost of this insurance coverage for your mobile grooming van should not be exaggerated. You need to find one that is affordable and offers the protection you have always desired for your grooming business. It is recommended that you ensure you cover your business with the right policy.

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