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Kennel Insurance is used to protect Kennel business owners, the property, and any liability or damage that may occur. Whether you are looking for dog kennel insurance, animal boarding insurance, dog boarding insurance, or cattery insurance, they all fall under the same insurance coverage category.

Many people consider their pets a part of their family, so it’s no surprise they expect the best care whenever they leave them in the hands of someone else. If you own a dog kennel, having the right type of dog kennel insurance can help protect your business, your customers, and the animals in care.

If you’re not sure about kennel insurance, read on to learn more about this important part of your business. Kennel insurance can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

What is Dog Kennel Insurance?

Operating a kennel takes a lot of patience, experience, and a love for animals. But experience isn’t enough if you’re looking for ways to protect your operation.

To ensure that everything is safe from liability, damage, and more, you should enroll in a reliable dog kennel insurance plan. This unique type of insurance is made for the kennels, dog boarding facilities, catteries & other types of animal boarding businesses. Kennel Insurance helps Kennel business owners get the precise coverage that is needed for the business.

For most policies, the biggest part of the coverage is for the building itself. If a kennel gets damaged as a result of a natural disaster or fire, the insurance will cover the replacement cost.

Since animals are unpredictable, kennel liability insurance is the first thing a kennel owner will need. This will help protect a kennel business in the event that a customer or employee gets bitten or scratched. Kennel liability insurance will also protect kennel business owners against a lawsuit and provide medical coverage for the victim. The only thing the kennel business owner will be paying is the insurance deductible.

How Much Does Kennel Insurance Cost?

The cost of dog kennel insurance will depend on several factors;

  1. Square footage of the property the business is operating in.
  2. Gross Income receipts from the previous year or whatever the predictive gross income will be for the first year.
  3. City and State

The monthly premium will also depend on things like how long kennel has been in business and the chosen level of coverage. Just like other forms of insurance, the amount of the deductible can also play a role in the total cost. There are special guidelines when it comes to covering a kennel. For example, you may have to house a minimum of five animals or more in order to get specific coverage.

Our insurance agents are specialized in knowing all the ins and outs of kennel insurance. These kennel insurance specialists will help guide kennel business owners to get the exact coverage they need without things being left out or getting into something extra when they don’t need it. After a quick phone call, our agents can help kennel business owners get a clearer picture of the coverage needed to get the best price possible.

What Type of Kennel Insurance do I Need as a Business Owner?

Running a business that involves the care of animals requires a special type of insurance coverage that spans from the structure itself to protecting the kennel business and owner from lawsuits and much more.

1. General Liability

General liability coverage will help pay for things like medical care for a person who has been injured while in your place of business. It may also protect you from a potential lawsuit, so every kennel and cattery owner should have some level of liability insurance.

2. Professional Liability

Professional or business liability is one of the most important forms of kennel and cattery insurance you should have. If someone gets bitten or slips and falls in your establishment, this insurance can be invaluable.

Some insurance providers may also protect you from any claims brought against your business and your employees if anything results in the injury of a pet. Even if it’s not your fault, a pet owner may attempt to sue if their dog or cat becomes injured while on your property.

3. Animal Bailee

If an animal dies under your watch, extra coverage called “animal bailee coverage” may be needed. The loss of a pet is always difficult under any circumstance, but you want to be sure that your business is protected. This special coverage should pay for the loss of any animal that’s left in your care, and it should also cover the loss if it’s a result of peril such as a storm or fire.

4. Business Property

You’ll need to get property insurance that covers the building itself and helps repair or replace things like your equipment, supplies, and the structure. The cost to replace a building that’s completely lost can be monumental, so make sure your policy covers the structure itself.

5. Tenant Improvements or Building Coverage

If you lease your kennel or cattery, you may want to make specific changes or improvements to the business. In these instances, you’ll need separate coverage that clearly defines who the tenant is, and who is responsible for any changes made to the building whether yourself or the lessee.

6. Business Income

You should opt for a kennel insurance package that covers your revenue loss while you wait for business to resume after a disaster. Things like lost income and loss of wages can do serious damage to your business if you’re not covered. The package should cover extra expenses based on loss of earnings for up to a full year in most cases.

7. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP Insurance)

Opting for a Business Owner’s Policy will combine protection for most of your major property and liability risks into one manageable package. This insurance covers the basics for business owners into one bundle and is usually sold at a lower cost than if you were to enroll in several different specific types of coverage.

What Other Types of Pet Business Insurance Should I Consider?

As a business owner, you should consider signing up for extra business coverage to protect your assets and other business considerations. kennel insurance and cattery insurance focuses more on the care of the animals and the business. Choosing supplemental insurance is recommended.

Find out what the level of coverage is for your dog and cat care business insurance alone. Then, talk to an insurance professional to determine what else you may need.

Personal asset protection is highly recommended in case a customer attempts to recoup losses via your personal assets. Always protect yourself in as many ways as possible to avoid getting involved in a lawsuit that could affect things like your vehicles and your home.

Get Insured by Qualified Kennel Insurance Agents

Now that you’re aware of what kennel and cattery insurance covers, it’s important to find a policy that’s insured by qualified agents. These professionals understand the many nuances of your business and can help you make sure you’re getting the protection you need.

The pet business can be tricky, so make sure you talk to a qualified professional who will give you the right amount of coverage for your kennel or cattery.

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