What is Animal Bailee Insurance?

Animal bailee insurance helps protect your business if an animal in your care suffers an injury, passes away or disappears. When an animal is accidentally injured or lost, animal bailee coverage can help pay expenses, including veterinary bills, advertising expenses or reward costs. It also helps you pay for and search for the recovery of a lost or stolen pet. This policy can also provide coverage if you need to move animals under your care to a temporary location.

Animal Bailee Insurance For A Mobile Pet Grooming Business

It would be nerve racking to me to know the person or groomer handling my dog not have animal bailee insurance. Sherman, my two year old Puggle is a really good friend of mine. If he got hurt while getting groomed I’d be very upset.

My wife and I rescued him from a local shelter. He and his 5 brothers and sisters were dropped off at the Los Angeles County shelter in Downey, California when they were only 15 days old. The rescue group, Pet Adoption Connection picked them up, fostered them (including bottle feeding) until they were ready for adoption. Clearly, he’s important and one of best members of our staff.

No groomer wants to hurt a pet and most will beat themselves up for weeks after an accident. But accidents happen and pets get nicked all the time. The larger your mobile pet grooming business gets the more often it happens. As the team grows so does the liability so do the accidents.

Your clients entrust you with the care and well-being of their beloved pets. When working with animals it can expose your business to significant risks. Have you thought about what could happen if an animal in your care suffers an injury, passes away or disappears? Will your insurance cover the injuries and legal costs that would come up?

There is insurance coverage to protect against this. Does your policy include it? Many people think they have the insurance coverage to protect them from most things that could come up. However, after a claim they learn they don’t have the right protection. This is why it’s important to work with an insurance agent and company who understands the mobile pet grooming business.

How is Animal Bailee Coverage Applied to the Mobile Pet Grooming Industry?

In a situation where a dog accidentally slips, jumps or falls off a grooming table and needs to be transported to an immediate veterinary clinic, animal bailee insurance would provide protection for the transportation and the medical bills that may follow the medical procedure.

In another example, if a dog in your care clearly has to have a potty break, and escapes its leash while you are walking it then bolts for the road and cannot be found or worse is hit by a vehicle and seriously injured or deceased, the animal bailee insurance would play a major role in the actions potentially taken by the owner.

Why You Need Animal Bailee Insurance

In our standard mobile pet grooming insurance policies, we place great emphasis on the importance animal bailee insurance in the standard Business owner’s policy. Ultimately animal bailee insurance coverage protects you, your business and the animals you work with in the event that you are held legally liable for injuries or damages to an animal in your care, custody, or control.

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