Pet Business Insurance

Types of Pet Business Insurance

Below are a few types of specialized pet business insurance that absolutely need Pet Business Insurance.

While the pet business industry is booming, business owners need to understand they need protection when it comes to accidents and legal issues that may occur. That means talking to agents who know and understand pet business insurance to ensure you insured properly.

What kinds of business pet insurance do you need to keep your business up and barking? Keep reading to learn more about the five types of pet business insurance every business needs.

Who Needs Pet Business Insurance?

If you accept money for pet care services, then you need pet business insurance.

It doesn’t matter if you walk a few of the neighborhood dogs a few times a week for extra cash or if you run the county’s best dog training center. Pet insurance protects you from personal liability in case something goes wrong – and something very easily could.

Some of the reasons people might sue your pet business might include:

  • Damages and medical bills for injured pets
  • Damages for lost pets
  • Damages and medical bills for dog bites (both other animals and people)
  • Damages and loss of income for bad grooming services
  • Damages and medical bills for pets that are killed

Even if you’re careful and professional, animals are less so. More importantly, freak accidents happen. And if people spend $70 billion on their pets every year, you can bet they will sue if anything happens to their furry friends.

What kind of insurance do you need? Your needs depend on the business you run. To help acquaint you, we compiled a list of the essential general insurance types for all pet businesses.

1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a must for almost all businesses, including your pet business.

The general liability product protects your business if a customer claims that you or an employee caused harm to their property, their pet, or even the pet owner.

It protects you in case:

  • A dog bites someone while you’re walking them
  • A pet gets hurt at your business (such as if they fall off a grooming table)
  • A pet gets injured outside of your business (such as if you’re pet sitting at the owner’s home)

In these cases, the insurance will pay for the remedy (a trip to the vet) and cover any further damages a pet owner may claim against your business.

You benefit from general liability insurance whether you are a dog walker, pet groomer, pet boarder, or run a pet accessories store.

While general liability is a common type of insurance, it’s available specifically for low-risk businesses. You need to talk to an insurance agent to make sure your business qualifies.

2. Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) differs from general liability insurance because it combines liability and commercial property insurance all in one.

It offers all the benefits of general liability insurance listed above. But it also protects both your place of work and the equipment there. For example, it will protect your office as well as grooming tables, kennels, and any training equipment.

A good BOP will also protect your income. If you can’t operate your business because of property or equipment damage, then the insurance company helps cover what you lost while unable to work.

3. Commercial Auto

If you have a van or vehicle owned by your business, then you probably already have commercial auto insurance.

But did you know that you might also need commercial auto coverage for your personal vehicle?

Do you drive your personal car or van as part of your daily duties? Do your employees? Any vehicle used for business purposes needs commercial auto coverage. Why? Because your personal automotive insurance may not cover you if you get in an accident while you’re technically at work.

If you get in an accident at work and your personal coverage denies your claim, then you need to pay for repairs out of pocket. Let’s not even talk about the costs if you get injured or you cause property damage or injury to someone else.

You don’t even need to be transporting pets in your car to need this kind of coverage. If you run a pet sitting business, you should have commercial auto insurance for getting to and from clients’ homes, especially if you charge travel time and mileage (and you should).

4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is not just a good idea for pet businesses. It’s usually mandatory, too. Utah requires almost all businesses (even those with one employee) to carry workers’ compensation insurance. While small businesses balk at the requirement, we believe having the insurance matters even more for small companies for whom an injured employee can be devastating.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees who struggle with injuries or disabilities caused by their work. For example, misusing shears can cause groomers to suffer repetitive stress injuries. If a dog takes off and clotheslines an employee and causes serious damage to their back and neck, then workers’ compensation covers this as well.

5. Cyber Liability Insurance

Do you run a website and accept payments online? Then, you should consider cyber liability insurance.

Cyber liability insurance protects your company when you are attacked, or you suffer a data breach. It can not only protect your losses (first party losses) but also protect you from lawsuits if your customer or vendor data is improperly exposed (third party coverage).

Are You and Your Furry Customers Covered With Pet Business Insurance?

Whether you run a casual side business or your pet business is your full-time source of income, you need pet business insurance.

Pet business insurance protects you, your business, and your furry clients from loss and damages. It also tells your clients that you’re a professional who is committed to making both pets and their owners happy.

What kind of business insurance is right for you? Get in touch to learn about packages that perfectly suit your needs. Call (888) 695-1127 or contact us today!

Business Liability

Five coverages are vitally important to every pet groomer.

  • General Liability protects against lawsuits, injuries, or property damage.
  • Professional Liability: protects against errors and omissions related to grooming operations
  •  Animal Bailee protects against an animal who may suffer from an injury or worse in your care.
  • Commercial Property: helps pay for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Mobile Pet grooming Equipment: protects the equipment essential to running your business.

Commercial Auto

Important when you’re mobile:

Business Auto: will protect you against claims arising due to personal injury and property damage caused by an accident with your insured vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance Cover: Vans, trailers, trucks, grooming conversion vehicle and any other type of mobile grooming vehicle.

Additionally, Automobile Liability coverage will protect against physical damage to the cab, chassis and customization of your van or trailer.

Workers Compensation

Protection for your employees, subcontractors, and independent contractors:

Workers Compensation: is recommended that if your business has employees, subcontractors, or independent contractors, you take the proper steps to protect yourself, as well as your employees, subcontractors, or independent contractors. Policies provide the payment of four types of benefits:

  • Medical benefits
  • Income benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Provides Employers Liability coverage for injuries

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