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Pet Boarding Insurance for Business Owners

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Pet boarding insurance, also known as dog boarding insurance is one of the most important things to have as a pet business owner. If you are not properly covered with the right type of pet boarding insurance it could cause a pet boarding facility owner to go out of business or cause severe financial loss.

Are you the proud owner of a pet boarding business?

If so, your business is likely booming. The pet boarding and grooming industry has nearly doubled in the past 10 years—and it won’t slow down anytime soon. Experts predict the industry will grow another 7% each year through 2021.

What does this mean for you, the savvy business owner that owns a dog boarding business or pet boarding business?

Having the right pet boarding insurance is more important than ever. Not only do you have to protect yourself, but you also have to think about every pet who comes under your care.

In this post, we’ll discuss different types of pet boarding insurance. Keep reading to make sure your company has all the business coverage it needs.

What Are The Types Of Pet Boarding Insurance Coverages

1. General Liability

General Liability insurance is a must for anyone who works with animals. No matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong.

What if a client’s dog bites someone at your facility? What if a boarded pet gets injured during his stay with you?

This type of Pet Boarding insurance protects your business if somebody claims that you (or your employee) damaged their property or caused physical injury. These policies are quite affordable and offer protection against legal fees, vet bills, and related costs.

2. Business Owner’s Policy

Some people choose to bundle their General Liability insurance with their Commercial Property insurance. This is often more cost-effective than buying the policies separately.

Combined, this is known as a business owner’s policy (BOP). It protects your property against damages caused by fire, vandalism, theft, or windstorms.

3. Workers’ Comp Coverage

Proper safety precautions are a must, but that doesn’t mean your facility is accident-proof. Even the most well-trained pets can behave unpredictably in a new environment.

If one of your employees gets injured on-the-job, this coverage will help pay for their medical expenses and lost wages.

4. Cyber Liability

Do you accept credit card payments from your clients? Would you know what to do if hackers somehow got ahold of their sensitive information?

This is where Cyber Liability dog boarding insurance comes in. It covers the cost of notifying your client of the cyber breach, as well as any legal fees if your business is sued because of it.

You can purchase this as a standalone policy, or you may be able to bundle it with a BOP.

5. Animal Bailee (Care, Custody, or Control)

None of us want to think about an animal getting sick or dying while under our care.

If such a tragedy should occur, a Animal Bailee (or CCC) policy covers veterinary and other expenses associated with the incident. Most business owners carry this type of Dog boarding insurance.

6. Other Policies

If you transport clients’ pets in a business vehicle, commercial auto coverage is a must.

Getting your company bonded is also a good idea, as it protects you against theft or other dishonest acts. Along the same lines, Employment Practices Liability insures you against workplace discrimination or harassment.

Make sure you talk to Pet Boarding Insurance or Dog Boarding Insurance Specialist

The exact types of Pet boarding insurance or dog boarding you’ll need depends on the nature of your business.

Your locale is also an important consideration, as laws differ from city to city and state to state. What’s required in one place may not be in another—although that doesn’t mean the extra coverage isn’t a good idea.

Do you have all the coverage you need? Are you interested in talking to an insurance expert to find out what’s required in your area?

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