What is the Best Technology to Grow Your Mobile Pet Grooming Business

According to the small business development center, the pet grooming and mobile pet grooming industry is growing tremendously. At the same time, the use of technology is expanding fast. Statistics show that 90 percent of Americans use the internet and 77% use Smart phones. Technology has gone mobile!
The wide-spread use of technology has not left the pet industry untouched. Pet owners are integrating the use of technology to help them take care of their pets. A good example is the use of a closed food bowl that only opens when they sense the presence of the pet via an infrared tag on their neck. Others use pet bowls that sync with their Smartphone to manage the number of calories consumed by chubby dogs.

Since pet owners highly use technology with their pets, they will also expect you, as the groomer, to be tech-savvy. While advanced technology has replaced some things, other things remain invaluable like combs and scissors.

The most valuable technology at your disposal is the grooming software. Proper use of the correct grooming software will not only grow your pet grooming business but will also give you a blissful working experience.

What should you look for in the best grooming software?

If you are in the grooming business, the chances are that you would love to dedicate most of your time to grooming pets. However, other parts of the business like scheduling appointments and keeping accounting records require equal attention. If that is the situation, then you will benefit immensely from using technology.

Here are things to look for in the best grooming software.


Good grooming software should allow you to schedule appointments conveniently in the cloud. It makes it easy to manage the schedules of your staff members. You can also keep everyone updated regardless of your location.

Client records

Keeping client records by hand is tedious let alone the challenges of retrieving them. All pets have different medical histories as well as characteristics and it is crucial to remember them.
Good grooming software should enable you to create an easy-to retrieve database of client history. This will impress your clients when they see you handling their pets as if you know them thoroughly.

Mobile apps

The popularity of mobile usage has reduced the use of desktops. Mobile apps are an absolute necessity these days. Your clients are no exception to mobile usage. Hence, use software that is accessible on mobile to allow them to get information conveniently.

Security and grooming room cameras

This is another tremendous technological invention in the pet grooming industry that you need to consider. Using security and grooming room cameras gives your clients peace of mind knowing their pets are safe. The footage can come in handy in case your business is sued of pet mishandling or if the pet attacks you.

Appointment reminders

It is common for individuals to miss appointments, even important ones. Technology can help you to avoid missing appointments as well as to save time. With software you can quickly send email or text appointment reminders.

The following are some of the best software and technology that you introduce into your business.

1. GroomPro POS- Point of sale system (POS)

This software program helps you to track your sales, client records, and other essential business statistics. The POS compliments your traditional paper filing. It helps you to access the medical history of the pets. You can also manage your appointments and schedules,
The cloud-based virtual POS enables you to carry out your mobile pet grooming business from anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. You can also market to previous customers and ask them to leave reviews.

2. BizBark

The BizBark software is a great grooming solution for mobile pet groomers as well as for groomers with a salon. It allows you to quickly schedule appointments and, at the same time, allow your clients to see their appointment details.
Another stunning feature of the software is that it enables you to access pet history. For example, you can readily get information on diet plans and the medical history of the pet. Pet information is useful in helping you to come up with suitable grooming techniques based on the pet’s history.
Bizbark is also a great marketing tool that enables you to use the search listing feature to locate local pet owners and businesses.

3. Sappsuma

This app is unique and will take your mobile grooming to another level. With social media marketing tools, you can market your business while managing different branches.
Another great feature is the loyalty program. Everyone loves rewards so, this program will bring in lots of new customers. If you want to boost your business using the loyalty program, then this is the app to acquire.

You can easily trace the activities of your business and tell at a glance which customers are up for rewards.

4. Pawfinity

This software helps you to track your clients and keep their records. It also has a great payment solution for clients who find it difficult to physically make payments. Clients can log onto the platform and pay from home.
In addition, it has an email or texting system that enables you to share information quickly with clients.

5. MoeGo

This app is perfect for mobile groomers who are continually hitting new routes. MoeGo helps you to optimize your routes effortlessly.

The platform helps you to save time by managing customers and scheduling appointments, all in one place. Its texting interface enables you to communicate with your clients through SMS.
This app also enables you to process various payments like credit cards and cash transactions.


Choosing the right technology can grow your mobile pet grooming business exponentially. The above factors will help you to select the right grooming software for your business. By using the technology you increase efficiency, save time and grow your business.

However, not all technology should be adopted. Some bring undesirable effects. For example, online booking might not be suitable for a mobile pet grooming business. Allowing clients to book by themselves may create a tight schedule which may force you to work overtime hence lowering your quality of work.

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