Dog Daycare Insurance Protects Business Owners from Unexpected Disasters & Closure

For business owners that own dog daycares, kennels, or pet boarding businesses, you will need to be completely insured and covered to avoid any emergencies that may arise. The insurance policy will vary depending on the size of the company, including historical data and how you decide to run it. 

Whether it is dog daycare insurance, pet boarding insurance, or kennel insurance they all have the same pet business insurance coverage policies to choose from.

Obtaining insurance for a dog daycare business can prove to be a complex process. Luckily, Choice Plus has agents that thoroughly provide expert guidance. We work with dog daycare centers on a national level. 

We often find that some catteries are overcharged on their policies or some dog daycare centers may be underinsured. Our number one mission is to offer maximum, personalized and insured security for everyone that does business with your company and employees. 

Our expert and niche specialized dog daycare insurance agents will discuss the policies needed to run and safeguard your business. There are many insurance policies to think about for ultimate protection.

Kennel Insurance Protection Recommendations

If you own a dog daycare center, then you will need to think about all of the logistics that follow. From liability to property coverage, to protecting building advancements and income; you’ll need to cover your assets. 

Our experts at Choice Plus recommend that you combine insurance coverages to cover yourself with a 360-degree approach. 

By obtaining a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), dog daycare owners can save on insurance rates and can protect vital business assets that give you and your employee’s the livelihoods that you have. It is not easy building a business from scratch; cover all of your bases with a BOP. 

Our agents and insurance policies will help you determine exactly what you need to be covered for pet boarding insurance. 

Dog Daycare Insurance Policy Recommendations for Business Owners

  • General Liability insurance-Get protected from injury allegations, property damage, or if a client gets hurt on your property. However, this does not cover injuries or damage that relate to grooming injuries, incidents or allegations. 
  • Professional Liability insurance-Taking care of animals can prove to be a rewarding yet complicated experience; errors can happen. Don’t get sued for expenses or damages related to professional error. Not only will you be financially protected, but this insurance policy will also help with defense-related fees. 
  • Business Property insurance-This policy secures the equipment, tools and property decor that exist to operate your dog daycare business. Some examples include shears, clippers, animal leashes, collars, grooming tables, computers, phones; if you need it to run your business, the item is protected.
  • Business Income insurance-If an unforeseen and tragic event happens to your facility; for instance, it burns down and your dog daycare is temporarily inoperable, this type of coverage will provide business income when all hope is lost and when your business is rebuilding from such an event. 
  • Animal Bailee coverageAccidents can happen anywhere, including dog daycare. Either it’s an accidental injury to a pet or they become lost or stolen; this policy ensures coverage for veterinary costs and advertising and reward fees that relate to recovering a lost or stolen animal.
  • Building/Tenant Improvement coverage-If you own the building, you will need this type of policy as it will pay for repairs and replacements due to accidents relating to building upgrades or tenant improvements. 
  • Workers’ Compensation policy-Of course, it is impossible to run a dog daycare all alone; you will need employees at some point. As a business owner, you will also need to protect the employees that work for you. Most states require that all businesses offer this type of insurance. Perhaps an employee of yours gets injured or ill on the job site; this insurance will cover your worker’s medical bills and wages lost, plus more; it depends  on each individual circumstance. 

Cover Your Dog Daycare Employees as Unexpected Accidents Can Happen

  • Animals can and do potentially bite. Perhaps your employee needs to visit the ER; a workers’ compensation policy would prove to be useful in this case.
  • Whether your employee needs hospitalization or an injury happens on your property while they are working; have peace of mind, knowing that your employees and incidents relating to them are fully covered. 
  • Keep in mind, a Workers’ Compensation policy will be based on the company payroll; also known as policy rating. Think of it this way, the rate of the policy may be $4.30 for every $100 employees are paid; per employee. 
  • After a Workers’ Comp. insurance policy ends, the insurance company will audit the payroll to match annual numbers. If the numbers are higher or lower, premium payments will be adjusted accordingly. 
  • Owners can choose to include or exclude themselves for Workers’ Compensation coverage, although, per state guidelines, not every owner can exclude him or herself. 

Choice Plus has been in business for over 14-years. We are a dog daycare business owner’s first-choice for insurance specialists. 

Keep in mind, the topics we’ve mentioned merely cover the surface of what’s entailed in the actual policy; the insurance policy will contain a lot of fine print and can sometimes range from hundreds of pages with complex wording. Our agents make sure to explain everything to you in-depth; this way you have a 100% full-understanding of what’s involved.  

Kennel insurance coverage is an absolute necessity to make sure that you stay in business and thrive while doing so.

At Choice Plus, it is our job to educate you about insurance policies that surround dog boarding insurance and dog daycare centers around the US. Our agents offer plenty of coverage options and recommendations.  

Pet boarding insurance policies can be found at affordable rates; we also accept payment plan flexibilities. For more information about how dog daycare insurance can save your business; financially and futuristically, contact our Choice Plus expert insurance agents today at 714-695-1127. We will guide you through the whole process and make sure that you never lose the business that you worked so hard to achieve. 

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