5 Mobile Pet Grooming Van Manufacturers

In today’s modern world, every reputable pet owner ensures that their pets are clean and in good health. It is for this reason that mobile pet grooming businesses have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Stationary pet groomers are embracing the mobile grooming business for its various advantages.

A mobile pet grooming business, unlike a shop or salon, makes you more privileged. It offers you a chance to work under your own schedule. This allows you to make an appropriate amount of money or even more than you would make at the shop. You can decide to charge more as the services are considered premium.

Therefore, if you may be interested in making this a career, it is important to know that you not only need your love for animals but also willingness and patience to help you master the craft. You also need a van, sprinter van, minibus, trailer, sprinter, or motor home as most when a pet or dog is getting groomed by a mobile dog groomer, it would take place on a curb or driveway at or in front of the customer’s place.

It is important to get the correct type of mobile dog grooming insurance or mobile pet grooming insurance that not only covers your vehicle but the cost of the conversion as well. Too often we see other agencies that are not experienced giving mobile pet groomers or mobile pet grooming business owners an insurance policy that does cover them properly and has lead to mobile dog groomers or mobile pet grooming business owners going out of business and incurring a tremendous amount of debt.

Choice Plus Insurance Services specializes in mobile pet grooming insurance and has experienced agents to consult with to ensure mobile pet groomers and mobile pet grooming business owners receive the proper coverage to keep them and their business safe. If you are looking for free advice or a quick mobile pet grooming insurance quote, contact a Choice Plus Insurance agent today.

In this article, we shall be reviewing three mobile pet grooming vehicle manufacturers and a company that sells mobile dog grooming or mobile pet grooming conversion vehicles and trailers.

Wag’n Tails

Wag’n Tails sells custom mobile dog grooming conversion vehicles that can have your company’s logo and artwork on the side of a van, sprinter van, minibus, or trailer. The mobile grooming conversion vehicles come fully equipped and ready for use.  The 3 main base models that Wag’n Tails use when doing vehicle conversion to create mobile dog grooming vehicles are from Ford Motor Company, Dodge Ram & Mercedes Sprinters.

Wag’n Tails has a variety of vehicles that are set and ready to go to start your mobile grooming business today. Here is a list of the mobile grooming vehicle model types they have that you can customize with your company logos and company info.  Ultra Groom, Dyna Groom, Diesel Dyna Groom, Endurance Sprinter, Pet Stylist Elite, Trailers, & Pre-Owned Mobile Pet Grooming Vehicles.

Most of our clients here at Choice Plus Insurance Services use Wag’n Tails and are very satisfied with their vehicles. They have so many customization options and choices, they are perfect for anyone starting in the industry or looking to grow their fleet of mobile pet groomers. Visit the Wag’n Tails website to see all the different features they offer to see which vehicle would be good for you.

Hanvey Grooming Vans

Are you someone looking for a grooming van? Well, Hanvey grooming vans are among the top manufacturers of mobile grooming vehicles that use electrical power technology instead of noise-making generators. Their vans are available in Sprinter, Ford transits, and Dodge Promaster. Most people would prefer the sprinter for its various advantages over others. It has incomparable durability, comfort, and ride and fuel efficiency. Riding it feels just as comfortable as driving a full-sized car.

If you want the best vans for the grooming business, then, you should look no further as Hanvey manufacturers offer you the best and most reliable equipment. Besides, you will enjoy the benefits of having a table that is electrically powered to go as low as 7 inches or as high as 43 inches. The table is also held and supported by the popular stainless-steel LIP system to make it firm and robust.

Hanvey mobile vans have another significant feature that will surely awe you. They have a van tub that is made of  304 stainless steel and has a thickness of 14 gauges to make grooming easier and faster. These vans are also easy to customize to your desired interior design and color.

Main Features for the Hanvey Grooming Vans

  • A tripled wall surface for modified designs of the interior graphics.
  • One of a kind LED lighting designs.
  • Highly qualified graphics design team
  • Printers with the highest resolutions
  • Grade graphics vinyl on the exterior to remove odor problems on the upholstery vinyl that is padded.

Grooming Trailers (GT)

If you are a pet groomer who makes quality services as your number one priority, then, you are in the right place. Grooming Trailers is an established business in three countries with hundreds of movable pet grooming trailers already on the road. Their trailers have a sleek design and are easy to maintain.

This is an opportunity that most smart business people would take advantage of. GT trailers are deliberately designed to detail for efficiency, unlike other manufacturers who just build cheap trailers.

These trailers are designed to be user-friendly and can be used by grooming hobbyists who have no prior knowledge on how to handle an engineered pet grooming shop or salon. Grooming trailers are made simple to provide the comfort needed with enough workspace to allow for easy organization.

GT trailers are just different from others in every measurable manner. GT competitors envy their trailers as they are trusted by many pet grooming professionals.

Main Features for the Grooming Trailers

  • Smooth interior and exterior walls
  • Low profile LED interior lighting
  • Modified aluminum lockable propane bottle holder
  • Bath Buddy showering system
  • Absolute trailer frame that is reinforced with¼” broad tongue tubes
  • 30 mill aluminum skin to reduce the loose wavy appearance
  • Customized 26” door
  • Torsion suspension that is upgraded
  • Advanced Advantech subfloor
  • Two skylights that are vented
  • Electric brakes
  • Hidden junction boxes
  • Water fill port on the exterior
  • Dirty water dump on the exterior
  • Heavy-duty faucet and powerful water pump
  • Clean towel tower that has been integrated
  • Hydraulic grooming table

Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Matthews Specialty Vehicle has been in the truck manufacturing industry since 1967 when it started as a distributor for the Thomas Built Bus household in New York. All brands built by the Matthews are made to be reliable, safe, and long-lasting. Today, Matthews Specialty vehicles are the worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing of vehicles that are specially designed to perform specific tasks.

Therefore, if you are someone looking for the most ideal way to move your pet grooming job to the next level, then, you should look no farther as Matthews Specialty Vehicle has the best trucks for the business.

These trucks are your perfect solution for your mobile pet grooming service.  All Matthews specialty vehicles are fitted with modified cabinetry, workstation, and stainless-steel tubs for washing.

Main Features for the Matthew Specialty Vehicles

  • Air conditioning is ducted
  • Sofa area and canteen
  • Heavy-duty engine
  • Allison Automated transmission
  • Rooftop units for air conditioning
  • Spring suspension
  • Heavy-duty body and chassis
  • Commercial grade flooring
  • The ceiling is ducted and fitted with recessed lighting


If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to traditional mobile salons, look no further than the VanspeedPro. Based in Southern California, VanspeedPro has developed a reputation for crafting bespoke vehicles that marry artisanal craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

VanspeedPro’s mobile salon was designed to address the needs of mobile groomers head-on. Recognizing the challenges of excessive upkeep costs, vehicle efficiency, and salon longevity, VanspeedPro has engineered a solution that checks all the boxes. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and solar energy, their salon offers a high-efficiency, low-maintenance alternative to traditional generators. With features such as a molded fiberglass interior, K9II dryer, electric-powered heating, 62-gallon water tanks, and an electric lift groom table, groomers can enjoy the luxuries of a retail salon on the go.

VanspeedPro offers mobile salons built on the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit platforms. As a full-service upfitter, they offer comprehensive support, including salon maintenance, repairs, and tech support. In addition, clients are offered assistance with vehicle sourcing, financing and leasing.

Key Features of the VanspeedPro:

Cost Savings
-Maintenance-free battery and solar power system
-Easy charge solutions that don’t require a nightly plug-in

-Electric instant hot air and hot water
-Dual point vacuum system
-Ample storage space and cabinetry

-Molded fiberglass waterproof interior
-10 year battery warranty

Visit www.Vanspeedpro.com to learn more!

Mobile Pet Grooming Vans Article Conclusion

Starting a pet grooming business can be quite a task. This is mainly due to the high initial cost and high level of skills required in running one effectively. It is for this reason that mobile pet grooming vehicles have been embraced by most pet-groomers. Mobile grooming requires minimal capital, no inventory, no economic real estate, low costs of advertising, high client confinement while the vehicle in use is an asset to the enterprise.

The mobile pet grooming business helps both groomers and pet owners. Mobile groomers tend to have more customers as they get to their customer’s destination within the shortest time possible. On the other hand, this means that pet owners do not have to take their pets with them to the groomers as this can be irritating and overwhelming for the pets.

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