11 Tips for mobile pet grooming growing their business on Facebook

The number of Facebook users keeps growing daily- with men and women of ages 25-52 taking a significant percentage. While primarily people join Facebook to interact, most businesses are using the platform to market their businesses. Statistics show 2 billion plus connections between people and local businesses. At the same time, there are millions of views and comments on the business pages.

It is evident that you can use Facebook to enhance your online marketing efforts. To use this platform, you will need a Facebook business page to grow your audience. Your page is the platform you will use to promote and grow your mobile pet grooming business.

Facebook has many marketing tools ranging from an ad system to groups. Setting up can therefore, be challenging. Here are 11 tips you can adopt to grow your business on Facebook.

  1. Create a Facebook business page

If you do not have a Facebook page for your mobile pet grooming business, you need to create one.  Distinguish your personal profile from your business page to build a strong Facebook presence for your brand.

Customize your page fully to create a unique profile that stands out. Add necessary information regarding your grooming business such as your contact information, website link, address, hours and services.

Another critical aspect to add to your page is a photo gallery. Photos enable your audience to visualize your business. They also attract clients to your page. Therefore, add photos of your pet grooming business and, ensure they are clear, quality photos.

  1. Share quality content

The best thing about Facebook marketing is that there are no restrictions on the number of posts you can share or the frequency at which you share. However, not all content is useful. People face challenges daily. So they will appreciate a great piece of information that helps them to solve their problems.

You can also share information from your website to your Facebook page. The more views your posts get, the more the chances that your followers will get notifications of your new posts.

Aside from marketing, you want to keep your page interesting and engaging. Be cautious not to make it excessively promotional but instead to keep your audience engaged. After all, engaging the audience is what social media is all about.

  1. Post regularly

For effective marketing, you will need to do more than creating your page and posting content- your page needs regular use and regular posting to stay ‘alive.’ You need to build trust and credibility, and your customers need to know they can rely on you. That cannot happen if you post once in a month.

Therefore, it is crucial to post regularly and importantly, post relevant information. Some Facebook features help you take the guesswork out of choosing relevant content. Facebook polls and Facebook insights are examples of tools you can use to know which kind of content people love.

  1. Promote your page

It would not make sense if you posted top-notch quality content yet it reached not the right audience. As a result, it is crucial to grow a following for your mobile pet grooming business page. Luckily, there are many ways you can promote your page to increase the number of your followers.

You can begin by sending out invites to your customers. Let people know that you have a Facebook page. You can achieve this by widely sharing your page address on your website, business cards, emails, newsletters, and other social media platforms.

Other ways to promote your page are using freebies in exchange for likes and creating a memorable and straightforward page URL.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

In addition to promoting your business organically, use Facebook ads to enhance your efforts. Promoted Facebook posts are similar to regular posts except that they are targeted for extensive reach.

You can easily reach a given target audience for example, based on age or location. Moreover, Facebook collects your activity data hence easy to target people who may be interested in your grooming services.

  1. Facebook contests

Facebook contests are a significant way to grow your mobile pet grooming business on Facebook. They are a great way to develop and engage your audience. Let your followers contest and in the end award a winner. The award attracts fans to your page. Use the opportunity to collect email leads. For example, ask for email addresses before a person can participate in the contest.

Email leads are a great marketing tool since you may eventually turn subscribers into customers.

  1. Stay in contact with your customers through Facebook

It is essential to stay in touch with your clients even after offering them an excellent service. You can achieve this by using Facebook live chat on your website. It is simple to use given that many people are already using it.

Chatting with your clients will not only show them that you care but will also inspire them to check out your page on Facebook.

  1. Create Facebook groups

You can create a group based on your mobile grooming business or the pet industry in general. Groups have several advantages since it is easy for members to be notified of new posts. In addition, there is a higher rate of interaction and ease of sharing files.

  1. Use videos

Sometimes words are not enough, and people need something extra. Videos are an effective means of marketing given Facebook’s millions of videos shared daily. The good thing about using videos on Facebook is that you don’t have to incur hefty costs. A simple video captured on an iPhone can work.

  1. Create Facebook events

You can meet with your fans face-to-face by creating a Facebook event. Organize an event that is related to your mobile pet grooming business for example, workshops or seminars. Having organized your event, invite your Facebook audience and encourage them to bring along their friends, family, and pets.

  1. Comment on popular business pages

There is power in commenting on other established pages in the pet industry. By commenting on such pages, you learn useful marketing ideas, interact with people with common interests and at the same time promote your page. Note that, it is crucial to comment as your pet grooming page and not as yourself.


These 11 tips are simple yet effective ways to grow your business on Facebook. In addition to these tips, you need to be keen in observing trends and be willing to learn more to succeed on the platform.

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