10 Ways to find New Clients for your Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Many people are pet owners. If you take a stroll in the suburbs of Manhattan New York, you can hardly miss a house without a dog, cat or parrot. Pets are awesome and to some people, the presence of a pet in their house completes the family.

Pets need to get groomed. The pet grooming business is booming as many people own pets and many don’t have the time to maintain their hygiene. This is where you come in.

After you’ve successfully set up your pet grooming business, it’s now the time to hunt down  clients. This article will give you in-depth tips on how you can get awesome clients that will help take your business to the next level. Read on!

1)    Start a Pet Blog

Show me a sky-rocketing business without a blog or website. I don’t think you will find one. The world is developing and the technology is taking everything online. Business entrepreneurs are now marketing their business online through blogs .When you create a blog, you will be able to put all the information regarding your business for everyone online to see.

You can go ahead and look for pet related articles that can be of help and add a call-to-action that you are offering mobile grooming services. When everything is all set up, find a way of driving traffic to your blog. Within no time, you will be receiving calls from potential clients.

2)    Attack Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Social media

Social media is the perfect platform that you can get clients. With the many arrays of social media sites, you can let the whole world know that you are offering pet grooming services.

This is entirely different from creating a website though. Social media is essential as it creates a social presence for the business. You can attach the link to your blog for those people that may want more information about your business.

3)    The Networking Trick

The genesis of a successful business takes place when you network with people offering the similar related business. Connect with the local veterinarians and pet shops and tell them that you are doing pet grooming.

Next time they have a client taking their pets for checkup, they can refer them to you for grooming services. You can also do the same by referring some of your clients that are in need of their services.

4)    Give a Treat to your First Customers

The secret of having a successful business is to get and keep a client. Okay, it’s true that some clients are loyal and will keep coming back to you time after time but some aren’t so.

You can start a program of rewarding the first customers that come to you, either yearly or monthly  These rewards can include discounts or additional services with fewer costs. They will continuously come and make great referrals.

5)    Pitch on Craigslist

Craigslist is more than just a social site. The platform allows business people to tell potential clients what they are offering.

You can send a moving pitch and tell anyone surfing the site what you are offering. To succeed on the site is not a one-time success. It can take some time but give results in the end.

6)    Let your Services be Perfect

Your services ought to reflect what you are marketing. In short, walk the talk. The business will grow with how well-groomed you leave someone’s dog.

Any other tips are important but if you don’t meet the expectation of a client he will not only not refer you to a friend but will also not come back. The excellent services you offer are a direct reflection on the success of the business.

7)    Social Meetings

Human beings are channeled to socializing and this happens many times. The community can be holding social gatherings with different activities like marathons, church events and fundraising. Many people will attend for sure. You can use the opportunity to market your business.

Put some banners on the entrance, print some fliers and if given the opportunity to speak, tell people what you do and how you can take care of their pets cleanliness needs.

8)    Family and Friends

The first people to know about your business are in these two categories and can even be your first clients. They are important as they will always give you a positive review. If you already have a blog as I said, you can post the reviews there for everyone to see. This shows the credibility of the business.

They can also guarantee numerous referrals to other well-paying clients. So, keep them in the list.

9)    Do more than just Grooming the Pets

If your business is driven by passion, then be ready to have clients flocking to your business.  Apart from offering the best services, you should show the clients that you are serious and not only after their money.

You can do this by becoming a little bit personal with your clients. Appreciate them for making you their constant pet groomer. Treat every customer as if you are seeing them for the first time. If you do this, people will love your services and will continue bringing their pets.

10) Do all the above and continue Moving

Last but not least, ensure that you put into practice what you’ve read. The tips above are not theoretical but people have tried them and eventually, they have worked for them

Any successful business person sees a good counsel and takes it to heart and will not be content until they have succeeded.

Final Word

All in all, pet grooming business is booming mainly where the locals are pet keepers. If your business is good, you will never miss clients at any passing day. With the above tips, you can be successful in the business as you will receive new clients. The only other task remaining is finding a way of keeping them for a long time.

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