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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is not covered in standard commercial general liability policies. Therefore, any claim brought by an employee such as wrongful discharge, unfair wages, harassment, hostile work environments or job related stress- is not covered.

These days, businesses are under severe pressure to control expenses. That often means cut-backs on insurance purchases while saving dollars for coverages deemed essential- a case of "penny wise and pound foolish". There is a growing trend of litigation occurring and it's not limited to just the corporate giants. Small businesses are increasingly vulnerable to being sued, especially in an economic downturn when people are hurting and looking to "blame" someone. Below are recent sample claims pertaining to small businesses.

Accounting firm                                                                    Advertising firm
• 90 employees                                                                        • 18 employees
• Wrongful termination/discrimination                       • Wrongful termination
• $225K Settlement                                                               • $58K settlement
• $27K Defense Costs                                                            • $17K defense costs

Bakery                                                                                        Clothing boutique
• 40 employees                                                                        • 14 employees
• Sexual harassment                                                              • 2 claims alleged sexual/age discrimination
• $120K settlement                                                                • $170K settlement
• $43K defense costs                                                              • $20K defense costs

Computer network support company                           Gas/service station
• 28 employees                                                                        • 23 employees
• Employee discrimination                                                 • Employee discrimination
• $100K settlement                                                                • $57K settlement
• $75K defense costs                                                             • $25K defense costs

Investment firm                                                                       Small law Firm
• 10 employees                                                                          • Wrongful termination/hostile environment
• Employee discrimination                                                   • $63K settlement
• $25K settlement                                                                     • $114K defense costs
• $14K defense costs

Small Jewelry Store                                                                   Subcontractor
• 20 employees                                                                            • 37 employees
• Sexual harassment/wrongful termination claim        • Wrongful termination
• $75K settlement                                                                       • $87K settlement
• $37K defense costs                                                                  • $31 K defense costs


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